Addition of 150,000 Jobs in January 2023 Boosts Employment Growth in Canada

Addition of 150,000 Jobs in January 2023 Boosts Employment Growth in Canada

The recent report by Statistics Canada confirmed Canada added 150,000 jobs in January 2023, marking over 0.8 percent growth in employment.  

There was a growth of 4.5 percent in the average hourly wages during January 2023. Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec reported the highest employment gains. The unemployment rate remained constant at 50 percent during the period. The Canadian economy added 326,000 new jobs over the last five months.  

Five provinces reported the highest employment growth as follows:

Ontario – 63,000 new jobs

Quebec – 47,000 new jobs

Alberta – 21,000 new jobs

Nova Scotia – 9,400 new jobs

Saskatchewan – 4,500 new jobs

Canada continues to provide a broad spectrum of opportunities to students and skilled workers who come to Canada as temporary or permanent residents. Immigrants can explore job opportunities in diverse industrial sectors such as Wholesale and retail trade, educational services, construction, healthcare, social assistance, and construction.

The most sought-after job opportunities in Canadian provinces are:

Software programmers – Ontario, British Columbia, and other provinces have excellent opportunities for software professionals to earn up to $85,000 annually. The next decade will witness a growth in software programming jobs in Quebec which will become Canada’s Silicon Valley. 

Registered Nurses – Most Canadian provinces have openings for registered nurses and other healthcare workers.

Construction industry – Ontario and Nova Scotia are among many provinces providing job opportunities in the construction industry. 

Daycare assistants and primary teachers – Several provinces, including Alberta, require daycare tutors and primary teachers.

Manufacturing – Nova Scotia and Alberta registered the highest growth in jobs in the manufacturing sector. 

Truckers – Truck drivers continue to be in high demand in Canada as the annual requirement crosses 1,000. 

Besides these sectors, Canada is a goldmine of opportunities for professionals from finance, media development, food industries, and agriculture.

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