Apply Work Permit Step by Step

Apply Work Permit Step by Step

A Canadian Work Permit allows an individual to become part of a booming economy with a high employment rate and gain invaluable work and life experience. You can explore multiple working options at beautiful locations and handsome compensation.

The application process can significantly vary according to the type of work permit. Foreign students may get a work permit as an additional facility for specific study programs. Reputable immigration experts can help you choose an appropriate work permit and assist in creating the application.


There are two broad categories of work permits to gain legal permission to work in Canada. Open Work Permits allow individuals freedom to work for any employer at any location in Canada. Closed Work Permits are employer-specific. A valid job offer qualifies you for a Closed Work Permit. A work permit is for a specific period but you can apply for an extension from within Canada.

A Canadian employer’s job offer will not automatically qualify you to obtain a work permit unless you consider an LMIA-exempt work permit option. Some of the closed work permits mandate a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) by the employer. Foreign workers must work for the same employer if they apply for work permits.

Step One

The selection of a suitable work visa is a crucial step in the work permit application process. You have the following broad options to choose from:

Open Work Visa

You have the freedom to work for any employer if you have an Open Work Visa. You will also not require submitting a job offer or LMIA approval while applying for these work permits. The following are the most popular open work permits:

  • Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) –You can obtain a Post Graduate Work Permit after graduating from a Designated Learning Institute in Canada. The length of your study program will influence the duration of your Post Graduate Work Permit which can be up to three years. 
  • Spousal Permit for AIPP applicants’ spouses – The Atlantic Immigration Program allows the spouses of applicants to obtain an open work permit
  • Intra-company transferees – Individuals who need to come to Canada on transfer from an overseas organization 
  • Canadian Experience Class – These include Working Holiday Visa

Employer-specific work permits with no LMIA requirement

The Labor Market Impact Assessment is not necessary for work permits under international agreements like CUSMA, CPTPP, and CETA. Similarly, youth exchange programs, emergencies, and other situations that focus on Canadian interests.

Employer specific work permits with LMIA requirement

Popular work permit options like Global Talent Stream, Facilitated LMIA (Quebec) and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program belong to the employer-specific work permits that mandate a positive LMIA approval.

Step Two

The applicant must ensure that they meet the specific eligibility requirement of the selected Work Permit program before applying for the visa. The eligibility requirements can vary depending upon the citizenship of the applicant. These are standard eligibility criteria for most work permit applicants:

  • Demonstrating the proof of funds to support living expenses and the return journey 
  • Having all necessary documents and pieces of evidence in order
  • Convincing the visa officer about the intent of leaving Canada on the expiration of the work permit
  • Proving that you have no criminal record and are a law-abiding citizen
  • Convince that you will not work for ineligible employers 

Step Three

Step three involves creating and submitting the application by organizing all vital documents. You may apply online by accessing the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship portal or approaching a local visa office.

You should seek the services of a regulated immigration professional to know the specific requirement of documents for the type of work permit you have in mind. The immigration expert will also assist you in choosing a relevant work permit to match your credentials and immigration goals.

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