Applying for Study Permit

Applying for Study Permit

Studying in Canada can boost your prospects of building a great career because Canada is home to internationally acclaimed learning institutions. The Canadian academic credentials are highly respected globally, and you can use the background of Canadian education as a stepping stone to obtaining permanent residence in Canada.

Applying for a Canadian Study Permit is the first step to becoming an international student in Canada. Approach an experienced immigration consultant to know various options like learning institutions, immigration programs, and the entire process of moving to Canada as a student.


The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are the government body issuing Study Permits to enable international students to pursue their education in Canada. Aspiring students who wish to study in Canada must procure an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institute. The acceptance letter is the primary requirement to qualify for a study permit. The following are other criteria to become eligible for the Study Permit:

  • Enrollment in a Designated Learning Institution
  • Has required English language proficiency 
  • Have sufficient funds to support expenses of tuition, living, and return journey
  • Is a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record
  • Can convince the immigration authority about the plan of leaving Canada when the duration of the Study Permit is over 

Knowing about colleges and course requirements

The planning for obtaining a Canadian study permit must begin well in advance. The aspiring applicant of a Study Permit must gather relevant information about designated learning institutions and their requirements of study programs that you want to pursue.

You should start preparing for an approved language proficiency test and secure the test results while applying for the study permit. IELTS is a standard language test approved by the Canadian immigration authorities. Some institutes accept TOEFL scores.  

Choosing a DLI

Select the learning institution after understanding the course requirements and other relevant details. Most colleges and universities mandate language proficiency with supporting proof of approved language tests, passports, and financial documents to manage your tuition and living expenses.  

You should also ensure that the college or university has the status of Designated Learning Institution because these institutions are allowed to admit international students.

You will need to contact the selected colleges or universities for enrollment. It is good to apply to a couple of institutions to be sure. A successful application will help you secure the Letter of Acceptance.

Study permit application

The following are necessary documents you need to gather before applying for a Canadian Study Permit:

  • Acceptance Letter – You must secure an Acceptance Letter from a designated learning institution of your choice as one of the criteria to apply for a Study Permit in Canada.
  • Proof of finances – Documentary evidence, including bank statements, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC), and photocopies of bank pass-book are some of the documents to prove the financial support. The documents should demonstrate that you have enough funds to support your studies, accommodation, and other living expenses.
  • Other documents – A Study Permit application requires several documents like personal identification, recent school transcripts, passport, language test results, and police certificate as per the requirement.

You may refer to the official website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to know the details. You need to be careful while preparing the application for a Study Permit because a slight error can result in refusal. A reputable immigration consultant can help you prepare your application carefully to avoid possible refusal.

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