Bring Spouse and Your Family

Bring Spouse and Your Family

Canadian immigration policy allows international students to bring their spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children. However, one must understand that a study permit only offers the status of a temporary resident to the applicant. Accompanying family members on a temporary visa may cause the visa officer to doubt the study permit applicant’s intent. You must convince the visa authorities that you will leave Canada when the visa expires. Any professional immigration expert can help you prepare an appropriate study permit application for including your family members.


There are several options to bring your spouse and family to Canada while pursuing a study program. Including the family in your study permit is one of the alternatives. You can bring your family members to Canada to work or study by leveraging the following programs:

  • Applying for a study permit together
  • Spousal work permits
  • Visitor visa
  • Children and study permits
  • Bringing parents

You must understand the requirements of these options and plan accordingly to facilitate their entry into Canada with no hassles.

Bringing spouse and children on the study permit application

You need to submit a statement with the study permit application highlighting the reasons for choosing Canada for pursuing a study program. The applicant must also give reasons for bringing the spouse and children as accompanying persons to Canada. Submitting an amendment to include the family members will weaken the study permit application as the visa officer is sure to doubt the intent.

One has to be ready to bear the additional accommodation expenses and other living expenses while staying with family in Canada. The applicant will need to demonstrate financial support to cover these expenses. Your spouse can apply individually for a study permit if they wish to complete a study program. Alternatively, they can also consider the option of an open work permit to work in Canada.  

Work permit for the spouse

A spousal work permit application should coincide with your study permit application. It is easy to process both applications together to enable you to plan your trip to Canada. Your spouse may consider applying for a work permit after reaching Canada on a visitor visa. You must meet the following requirements to enable your spouse to apply for an open work permit:

  • Holding a valid study permit to pursue a full-time study program at:
  • A public institution offering post-secondary education
  • A post-secondary private institution running on grants from the government
  • The provincial statute authorized private institution 

The open work permit is suitable for working anywhere in Canada for any employer. You do not require a valid job offer along with the application for the Open Work Permit.

Visitor visa

Applying for a visitor visa is an easy option to bring family, including a spouse, common-law partner, and children. However, you need to consider the time factor as the visa approval can delay because of health examination and other factors. You must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa before arriving at the Canadian Port of Entry.

Study permit for children

Minor children need no study permit to learn in Canada up to the pre-school primary or secondary school. A study permit will be necessary for education above the secondary level of education. You may apply for a study permit from within Canada. Approach the local visa office for applying for the child’s study permit from outside Canada.  

Bringing parents

You can invite your parents to visit you in Canada while you are on a study permit. They will have to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa for entering Canada.

Canada perceives international students as future permanent residents. Consult an expert immigration lawyer to know the options to pursue world-class education in Canada. SunnySpire is a trustworthy resource to explore suitable immigration opportunities to become a permanent resident. Contact us today to embark on your Canada journey.

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