Business Visitor Visa

Business Visitor Visa

By definition, a business visitor to Canada is a person who visits Canada to carry out business activities but does not directly participate in the Canadian labor market.

Business Visa Vs. Work Permit

A business visa is a different document than a Canadian work permit. You are not allowed to enter the Canadian labor market as a business visitor. A business visa is designed for short-term stays in the country to carry out specific business activities. These may include visiting industry-specific conferences, site visits, visiting for the purpose of training, etc. You will need a work permit if you have been transferred to Canada by your existing company or if a Canadian company hires you. You can also use a work visa to come to Canada searching for local employment.

The Canadian government does not allow any foreigner to work in Canada without a work permit. If you succeed in obtaining a job with a Canadian employer, you must get a work permit before you can start working.

How to Apply for a Business Visitor Visa

All visitors to Canada need a visitor visa to enter the country unless they are visa-exempt. As a business visitor, you must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or a visitor visa to be able to enter Canada legally.

Canada does not issue any special visa for business visitors to Canada. As a business visitor, you must follow the prescribed application rules for a TRV or a visitor visa. You must also indicate that you are entering Canada to carry out international business activities.

As a business visitor, you may be required to provide reasonable proof of your activities to the authorities manning the port of entry. If you come from a Visa-exempt country, you don’t need a visa to enter Canada. However, you may still need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) if you arrive by air route into Canada. You are allowed to bring your family members to Canada. However, every family member must complete their visa application.

NAFTA Business Visitors

If you are from Mexico or the United States, you can get some exemptions under NAFTA or the North American Free Trade Agreement. It was designed to reduce trade barriers between Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Under NAFTA, you can gain a faster and hassle-free entry into Canada for temporary business or investment reasons.


Immigration officers will look for the following before they allow you to enter on a business visitor visa.

  • Show proof of your main source of income
  • Show that you have business interests outside of Canada.
  • You have no criminal records
  • You don’t suffer from any serious medical condition that may make you inadmissible
  • Prove that you are in Canada only for the short-term and the purpose of your visit is temporary

If you have a previous criminal record or face a health-based inadmissibility situation because of which you are denied a visa through the normal application route, you can still try and enter Canada using the Temporary Resident Visa.

What Can You Do As a Business Visitor?

As a business visitor with a Business Visitor Visa, you can travel throughout Canada during the duration of the visa without any restrictions. You can visit family and friends, go sightseeing, and explore the country’s many attractions. During your stay under the Canadian Business Visitor Visa, you can participate in business meetings, trade shows, meet prospective clients, explore business opportunities and even look at options for extending your stay in Canada.

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