Canada Creates New Record by Welcoming Over 550,000 International Students in 2022

Canada Creates New Record by Welcoming Over 550,000 International Students in 2022

Over 550,000 international students from 184 countries favored Canada to pursue studies in 2022

The latest data by Immigration, Refugees and Citizens Canada (IRCC) confirms 807,750 international students in Canada after welcoming a record 551,405 students in 2022. In 2022, Canada processed 444,260 study permits. The number of study permits in 2022 exceeded those in 2021 by 107,145.

International students from the following top five countries preferred Canada as their destination in 2022 for higher education:

India – 226,450

China – 52,165

Philippines – 23,380

France – 16,725

Nigeria – 16,195

Ontario emerged as the most preferred student destination in 2022, welcoming 411,000 international students. British Columbia was the second-highest province welcoming 164,000 international students, followed by Quebec (93,000), Alberta (43,000), and Manitoba (22,000).

Canada’s popularity as an international education hub

The following are the top reasons for Canada’s popularity as the top education destination among international students.

Cost of education – Education in Canada is more affordable than in many countries, providing equivalent quality of education. International students can leverage a broad spectrum of Financial Aid Programs and other facilities with no limit on off-campus work hours. 

Quality of education – Most Canadian universities rank among the top international institutions.

Opportunities to work in Canada – Many international students attribute the ability to work as a crucial parameter in choosing Canada for higher education. Post Graduate Open Work Permit (PGWP) enables international students to work and live in Canada after completing study programs. 

Options to settle in Canada – International students in Canada can leverage the Express Entry application management system to explore immigration programs like the Canadian Experience Class to become permanent residents in Canada.

Several studies and surveys confirm Canada is among the most popular global destinations for international students.

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