Canada Poised to Break all Previous by Welcoming Over 431,000 Immigrants

Canada Poised to Break all Previous by Welcoming Over 431,000 Immigrants

Data analysis by IRCC confirms Canada’s position to achieve or surpass the current year’s forecasts. As per the record, the highest number of Immigrants belong to India. Most new immigrants appear to prefer Ontario as their province of the first choice.

The total number of permanent residents in Canada stands roughly at 300,000 till August 22. Canada reaches the magic mark of 300,000 earlier than any previous year. Interestingly, Canada is constantly touching this figure since 2018, with 2020 being an exception because of pandemic restrictions. 

Post-pandemic lull, IRCC boosted its immigration, causing a record 405,330 immigrants in 2021, and the trend continues through 2022. It is logical if one considers the impact of COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions. 

Canada may surpass the 2022 aim of 431,645 immigrants, as it welcomed 231,640 immigrants till June 22. The combined figure of permanent residents in July and August stands at 68,000. Canada needs to maintain the rate of immigrants to surpass the year’s target and break the 2021 record comfortably.

Among all source countries for new immigrants to Canada, India is holding the top position consistently since 2017. Canada welcomed 68,280 Indians as permanent residents in the first half of 2022.

The top five source countries in descending order are India, China, Philippines, Afghanistan, and Nigeria in the first half of 2022. Following the Taliban takeover, Canada is witnessing a surge in Afghan immigrants under the new permanent residency program. Canada accepted 18,075 Afghan immigrants until the end of August 2022.  

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