Dependent Child Sponsorship

Dependent Child Sponsorship

Canada encourages those who immigrate to the country to bring their family also with them. Immigrants can plan to bring their spouse and children through various programs offered by the government to eligible applicants. However, in specific situations where the dependent child or children are living outside Canada, the government allows such children to migrate to Canada using the dependent child sponsorship program.

To be able to sponsor a child or children under the dependent child program, the sponsor and the sponsored child must be approved by the Canadian government.

If approved, the child or children will receive Canadian permanent residency without adhering to any strict terms and conditions. It gives them the right to work or study in Canada.

An individual is considered a dependent child under the following circumstances:

  • They are below 22 years of age, not married or in a common-law relationship
  • They are over 22 years of age, enrolled in full-time studies, and financially dependent on parental support
  • They are over 22 years of age but financially independent because of a mental/physical condition

Eligibility requirements to sponsor a child for Canadian immigration

  • A parent is eligible to sponsor a child if they are at least 18 years old.
  • They must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • They must agree to help meet the basic needs of the person they wish to sponsor.
  • They must sign an undertaking that they agree to provide financial support to the dependent child even after they become a permanent resident
  • They must agree to repay any social assistance payments received during the period of the undertaking.

A parent can become ineligible to sponsor their child if

  • The parent was sponsored for becoming a permanent resident of Canada but less than five years making an application to sponsor others
  • If the parent indicates their intent not to live in Canada with the sponsored child after they become a permanent resident
  • If the parent receives social assistance for disability and not for any other reason
  • If the parent has served a jail term or convicted of some criminal offenses

How to apply for dependent child sponsorship?

An application to sponsor a dependent child for Canadian immigration has two components.

  • You must prove you meet the qualifications to be a sponsor
  • You must prove that the dependent child is eligible for sponsorship

It must be noted that family sponsorship applications have requirements specific to every country. Applicants must use IRCC’s family sponsorship application package page to determine their requirements. After entering their details, IRCC will generate the necessary checklists, forms, and instructions pertaining to the child’s sponsorship.

All applications for dependent child sponsorship must be submitted to IRCC. You must also pay the fees as stated by the authorities for sponsoring a dependent child. The processing time varies depending on the country of residence of the dependent child. You can file for the sponsorship of your dependent child from any country if you are a Canadian resident but residing outside Canada. The only condition is you must intend to live in Canada with the dependent child after the application is approved.

As a parent applying to sponsor a dependent child, you are not required to show proof of financial income. However, if your dependent child also has dependent children of their own, then you will have to prove that you earn a specific level of income.

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