Express Entry Rules to Undergo Changes with the Dawn of 2023

Express Entry Rules to Undergo Changes with the Dawn of 2023

The Canadian Immigration authorities are considering significant changes in the Express Entry Systems to address the ongoing labor shortage.  

Post-COVID-19, Canada is battling severe labor shortages. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is proposing favorable changes to the Express Entry System from 2023. These changes will primarily focus on resolving labor shortages by facilitating the immigration of skilled workers through the Express Entry system.

The current labor shortages are restricting the country’s economic growth. Several businesses in Canada are expressing concerns about accelerating production because of the labor shortages. The IRCC is in the process of speeding up issuing of the Invitations to Apply to applicants with work experience in specific occupation categories besides educational background.

The job vacancies in the education and other sectors broke previous records. According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the present rate of job vacancies in Canada is hovering around 5.7 percent.

The Government is opening up the immigration plans for main pathways, including those under the Express Entry system. There is a 70 percent growth in the job openings in Canada, as against the pre-COVID period.

IRCC is set to issue invitations to eligible applicants with the specific educational credentials, language proficiencies, and work experience in view of the new changes. 

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