Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream

Being a force to reckon with in the global arena of research, development, and tech talent, Canada values the significance of technology for its economic growth. The Global Talent Stream targets foreign tech talent by facilitating employers to hire eligible candidates. It helps Canada sustain its position as a global technology player.

The two-year pilot program encourages high-skilled foreign talent to take up crucial roles in organizations across Canada. The fast-track immigration program expedites the approval process so that the applicant can join work with no delay. Expert immigration consultants assist you to select an appropriate immigration program to work and settle in Canada.


The Global Talent Stream is a vital immigration program to support the Global Skills Strategy of the Canadian government. Organizations in the IT sector and other innovative enterprises can hire top global talent leveraging the Global Talent Stream program. 

The stream runs as one of the subcategories of the Temporary Foreign Worker program. Eligible applicants get approval within a short span of two weeks under the program. The GTS enables Canadian employers to fill specialized positions by hiring foreign talent if they cannot hire local talent.

Considering Global Talent Stream

Assessment of eligibility to meet the requirements of the Global Talent Stream is the crucial step. Candidates must fulfill the skilled worker criteria according to the program’s requirements. No candidate can apply for the Global Talent Stream. It is the responsibility of the Canadian employer who is a GTS qualified employer according to Category A or Category B.

Your responsibility is to secure a job with the particular employer and get a valid job offer with a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment. The next step is to apply for a Canadian work permit. The Work Permit application should consist of the offer letter and the LMIA approval document from the Canadian employer.

Follow all instructions to prepare your Work Permit application to avoid refusal. Organize all relevant documents while preparing and submitting the application, including:

  • Personal details
  • Valid passport
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Health records or medical examination evidence 

Employers’ responsibilities

The employer must demonstrate the need to hire a foreign national instead of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill a particular position. The Labor Market Benefits plan should also explain the positive aspects of hiring a skilled worker from abroad.

These are the two categories of the Global Talent Stream, depending upon the type of employers:

  • Category A – Referral from a Canadian Designated Partner Organization is mandatory for the Canadian employer hiring foreign candidates under Category A. Foreign workers must have an above-average talent and knowledge of the skills. The minimum annual compensation under this category is CAD 80,000.
  • Category B – The Global Talent Occupation List provides the details of occupations to hire skilled workers from a relevant occupation. Category B employers must hire workers from the listed occupations.

Benefits of Global Talent Stream

Canada provides a superior work-life balance with breathtaking surroundings and scope for adventure activities. The Global Talent Stream is the most popular program among skilled immigrants who desire to become permanent residents in Canada. The program allows faster processing of applications and allots work permits to enter and work in Canada.

Candidates who apply under the GTS program are sure of getting higher compensation for the position. Your family gets easy access to several opportunities to work and study in Canada. Accelerated processing of work permits is the beauty of the Global Talent Stream. You may apply for an expedited work permit or study permit for your spouse or common-law partner.

You should seek guidance from an approved immigration counselor to ensure that your application for Canadian citizenship is devoid of any errors and omissions. We offer complete support to candidates exploring the GTS and other immigration pathways. We study every individual case and recommend a custom strategy for successful immigration. Call us today and experience our reliable and prompt services.

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