How to Immigrate to Canada from India in 2022

How to Immigrate to Canada from India in 2022

Canada welcomes immigrants with open arms, and it is one of the best countries to live in concerning work opportunities and cost of living. That said, immigrating to Canada is not an easy feat. There are several steps involved in the immigration process for successful application and subsequent approval. The procedure can take months or sometimes even a few years to materialize. Here are some of the available options for those seeking to migrate in 2022.

The Express Entry Program

This is a program that will allow immigrants to live in Canada and work here as skilled professionals. This system will allow the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada to choose immigrants based on relevant qualifications under the federal immigration programs like Federal Skilled Worker Program or FSWP, The Federal Skilled Trades Program or FSTP, and The Canadian Experience Class or CEC. 

The Express Entry Program will also provide authority to individual territories and provinces to use the system for recruiting fitting candidates through Provincial Nominee Programs to satisfy the demands of the labor markets. The Express Entry Program is one of the most popular immigration programs today! 

Family Class Sponsorship

One of the most dependable immigration programs in Canada is the Family Class Sponsorship, where Canadian families can sponsor relatives to travel to Canada and live there permanently. For qualifying as a sponsor, you need to be either a permanent resident of Canada or a legal Canadian Citizen. Children under the age of 22 and spouses can be sponsored. Parents and grandparents can no longer be sponsored as of 2022. However, they can be brought to this country under the Super Visa Category. 

LMIA Work Visa

There are several prospective migrants who first land job offers in Canada, then apply for a work visa here, and based on this work visa, they then look to migrate to Canada. The LMIA requires a secure Canadian job offer and having the employer apply for LMIA through Service Canada. Subsequently, the work permit of the applicant is approved. Although this is a complicated process, it is a fairly secure one and can even result in securing permanent residence in Canada. 

The Provincial Nominee Programs or PNP

PNP is becoming one of the popular ways of immigrating to Canada. Provinces in Canada, like Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, have chalked out their immigration programs and policies, making way for a fast-track process. However, these policies generally require the applicant to reside in a specific province once they arrive in this country. Also, PNPs require job offers from a Canada-based employer for qualifying. 

The Canadian Investor Migration

This is a category for individuals with a high net worth and with a history of managing and owning businesses overseas. By allowing business people to pour in investments in the country’s economy, they are contributing to the growth and prosperity of the nation. There are a couple of investor programs of reckoning, including The Quebec Program and The Federal Investor Program. These programs are quite similar to each other and allow applicants only with a high net worth who are also ready to make a significant investment in an approved investment fund for a minimum period of 5 years. Investor migrants are allowed to bring their spouses as well as their children as dependents.

Other Workable Options for a Canadian Migration

Some more ways to migrate to Canada include:

The CEC or The Canadian Experience Class: This is a program allowing individuals who have spent a minimum of one year working in Canada to immigrate permanently. 

H & Cs or Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications: These are applications made in Canada itself. These are people who do not have a valid legal status of residing in this country but have still made it their home. 

Refugee Claims: An asylum claim can be made in Canada at the point of entry or the CBSA or the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Office. They should be able to validate their claim as to why they cannot go back to their home country. 

Typically, the fastest route is through the Express Entry program. Every program has its own set of documents and prerequisites for processing. You will need complete information beforehand to prepare for the same. 

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