Improve Your CRS Score

Improve Your CRS Score

The CRS score is the holy grail of Canada’s Express Entry system that accelerates approval of permanent residency for popular economic immigration programs. The selection of candidates eligible to receive an Invitation to Apply solely depends on the Comprehensive Ranking System score. The Express Entry system allows the applicant to update the profile even after submitting it. 

Therefore, improving the CRS score must be a significant aim of Express Entry applicants. Reliable immigration services can suggest ways to improve your CRS score by assessing the Express Entry profile.


Preparing a perfect express entry profile is crucial to score better CRS points. One cannot predict the cut-off threshold of an upcoming Express Entry draw. The immigration consultant guides you by sharing the record of CRS cut-off scores. It helps you predict your chances of selection in the entry draw. Thankfully, there are several options to enhance the CRS score, like securing a provincial nomination, improving language proficiency, or getting a Canadian job offer.

A job offer from a Canadian employer having NOC level 00 can earn you additional fifty points. A positive LMIA will boost your CRS score with 600 points. Perfecting your profile is a suitable option to improve the CRS score. Focus on the following factors to score higher in the Comprehensive Ranking System:

  • Language proficiency
  • Educational credentials
  • Spouse as a principal applicant 
  • Work experience
  • Applying through the Provincial Nominee Program

Language proficiency 

Language is a significant CRS factor in improving your CRS score. It has the potential to improve your CRS score when merged into other factors like post-secondary credentials or having a spouse or common-law partner. Reappearing for the IELTS test again is the most helpful way of increasing the points. Try combining IELTS scores with work experience and post-secondary education to achieve better scores. The CLB 9 score can make you richer by 260 points, although a standard CLB score of 7 is acceptable.

You may take the language test as many times as you wish. Update your express entry profile after achieving a better language test score. Take your IELTS tests much before submitting your Express Entry profile. It will provide you with the scope to better your language test results when you are ready to create the Express Entry profile. Plan to learn a second language like French or English. Having proficiency in these languages can get you more points.

Educational credentials

Canadian education promises up to 250 points if you have post-secondary credentials. Try adding to your educational qualification if possible. You may obtain additional Educational Credentials Assessments (ECAs) if you have foreign degrees. Get a Canadian degree because it has more value in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Spouse as a principal applicant

Explore the possibility of making your spouse or common-law partner the principal applicant of the immigration program through the Express Entry system. Your spouse or common-law partner may be capable of scoring higher CRS points than you. It is prudent to make your accompanying partner a principal applicant.

Work experience

Earn extra 200 points by securing a valid job offer that fulfills all criteria. A Canadian skilled work experience of one year will take your Express Entry profile to the next level. Try getting an LMIA supported full-time job to make your profile even better.    

Applying through the Provincial Nominee Program

Having a provincial nomination is a key to earning 600 additional points in the CRS score. Select a province that needs the skill sets which you have. It will increase your chances of securing the nomination from that province. It virtually promises you an invitation to apply because of the massive boost to your CRS scores. Try to get a provincial nomination aligned with the Express Entry system to ensure the additional points.

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