India Emerges as the Top Contributor to Canada’s Immigrant Population

India Emerges as the Top Contributor to Canada’s Immigrant Population

The sixth round of the latest Census data report confirms that every fourth person in Canada is an immigrant, and India is the principal source of immigrants boosting Canada’s economy.

The report suggests that the proportion of immigrants in Canada’s population is the highest at 23 percent. It is the highest in over 150 years since the Confederation is the maximum among G7 nations. It exceeded the 1921 proportion, which was 22.3 percent.

India tops the Immigrant Population

Indian-born immigrants contributed the highest among all nations, as every fifth of new immigrants is from India. The largest population of recent immigrants is from Asian countries, at 62 percent. 

China and the Philippines rank second and third after India, with 11.4 percent and 8.9 percent proportions, respectively.

Over the past few years, Asia is emerging as the top contributor to the new immigrant population among all continents. The report suggests a steady growth in the African immigrant population.

Category-wise highlights

Over fifty percent of the new immigrants settling in Canada were from the economic immigration category. A sizeable proportion of these immigrants comprises people immigrating under the skilled workers and Provincial Nominee programs each. Most new immigrants (92.7 percent) have sound English or French language proficiency.

Historically, Europe was the major contributor to Canada’s immigrant population. However, the recent figure suggests a steep decline from 61.6 percent in 1971 to 10.1 percent in 2021.

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