International Experience Class (IEC)

International Experience Class (IEC)

Young people from over thirty countries can seek work permit opportunities through the International Class Canada. You can gain valuable work experience and exposure to the fascinating mix of diverse cultures and breathtaking outdoors.

The International Experience Class or Canadian Experience Class is a suitable immigration pathway for youth to avail temporary work opportunities. Young students and foreign workers can choose from the three streams of the Canadian Experience Class category by consulting an expert immigration consultant.


The federal and provincial governments in Canada provide temporary work options to foreign workers. The program is a unique alternative for students from participating countries who wish to build their careers by gaining international exposure. The availability of different streams of the IEC depends upon the policies of the participating countries. The following streams are part of the International Experience Canada:

  • Working holiday – Gain Canadian Work Experience while traveling to multiple locations
  • Young professionals – Ensure your professional development by acquiring international experience. 
  • International Co-op – Empower your profile by gaining internship experience as a fresh graduate 

The candidates can strengthen their Express Entry profile to score more points in the Comprehensive Ranking system with Canadian work experience. The International Experience Class helps foreign workers qualify for permanent residency.

The successful CEC candidates in the Express Entry pathway obtain permanent residency within six months period. Being a bilateral arrangement, the benefits of the International Experience Canada are also accessible to young people from Canada.

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa is the perfect option if you are looking forward to enjoying the freedom to explore the beautiful outdoors of Canada and intermittent work assignments to support your expenses and enrich your work experience. You will receive an open work permit if you succeed in the selection process. The Working Holiday Visa permits entry to a limited number of applicants as per quotas. It benefits the following individuals from the participating countries:

  • Have no job offer from an employer in Canada
  • Wishes to work for different employers
  • Want to travel to different locations to experience the diversity of cultures and outdoors
  • Willing to earn while moving across Canadian provinces and territories 

Among all International Experience Class Canada streams, the Working Holiday Visa is the most flexible stream with fewer restrictions and requirements. It is the main reason for its popularity. The aspiring applicants of the Working Holiday Visa need to ensure the availability of the quota before going ahead with the application process.

Yong professionals 

Professional experience in Canada can boost your profile by leveraging the Young Professionals stream of the International Experience Class program. You will need a valid job offer from a Canadian employer to become eligible for the Young Professionals stream. The job offer must fall within the National Occupation Classification skill level 0, A, or B.

The successful candidates will work with the same employer at the specific location because the work permit is employer-specific. The following individuals from partner countries are eligible for the program.

  • Has a job offer from a Canadian employer specifically relevant to the profession and the permitted occupation
  • There will be compensation for the work as no self-employed work is allowed under the category
  • Intends to continue working for the same employer during the period of stay in Canada 

International Co-op

It is primarily an international internship program to enable international students from the participating countries to compete in their work placement or internship in Canada. Usually, the internship is an eligibility to earn the post-secondary credential. The program needs an employer-specific work permit with a pre-organized employment plan.

  • Aiming to complete an internship as part of the study program
  • Having a valid job offer to join an internship program
  • Registered students at the post-graduate institution

Approach a reputable immigration consultant to deal with the possible complexities of selecting the program or creating the application. SunnySpire is a reliable immigration resource to facilitate your journey to Canada by exploring the International Experience Class program. Call us today to ensure the right beginning of your Canada journey.

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