IRCC to focus on Specific Occupations in 2023 and Beyond

IRCC to focus on Specific Occupations in 2023 and Beyond

Immigrants seeking job opportunities in Canada should target particular occupations to improve prospects of smooth migration and better career progression in 2023 and beyond

Canada continues to struggle with a record labor shortage, with over one million job vacancies. Immigration is going to play a crucial role in filling these positions. It is clear from Canada’s ambitious immigration targets in the Immigrations Level Plan 2023- 25.  

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) targets skilled immigrants in high-demand occupations. Candidates with experience in the following fields have excellent scope to work and settle in Canada.

Healthcare occupations

The healthcare industry in Canada needs physicians, nurses, veterinarians, and pharmacists to fill the vacant positions. The demand for these occupations continues to persist and grow despite the end of the pandemic.

Several Canadian provinces are facing an unprecedented shortage of healthcare workers. There are regular targeted PNP draws encouraging nurses to apply for provincial nominations. Immigrants with experience and qualifications in these occupations may explore job opportunities to settle in a particular province or territory.

Electrical engineers and electricians

Electrical engineers are in high demand to design and develop electrical systems, besides a vital role in defining and testing the systems. Electricians with relevant experience and training are in prime requirement in industrial, construction, and other sectors.

Tech jobs

Canada’s growing presence in information technology needs several opportunities for web developers, programmers, app developers, and system engineers. These professionals can explore a broad spectrum of job opportunities under the Global Talent Stream.

Canada also needs truck drivers, welders, and accountants to support its thriving economy. Consulting a certified immigration consultant will help candidates to choose the right immigration pathway.

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