LMIA Based Work Permits

LMIA Based Work Permits

Canada values local workers and ensures that hiring foreign workers does not impact their employment. Labor Market Impact Assessment is the process to secure the interests of the Canadian job market. The LMIA approval safeguards the local job aspirants and makes sure that international workers get job opportunities with no hassles. The positive LMIA allows Canadian employers to hire a foreign worker under the Global Talent Stream, and Facilitated LMIA. LMIA approval is mandatory for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. An established immigration consultant can assist you in availing job opportunities in Canada to match your career objectives.  


The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the issuing authority of Labor Market Impact Assessment. The LMIA document assesses the impact of hiring a foreign worker by a Canadian employer. Canadian employers can hire foreign workers with a positive LMIA. In contrast, a negative LMIA means that the employer should fill the job vacancy by hiring a Canadian worker who may be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

It is the employer’s responsibility to obtain an LMIA to hire Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) by submitting the necessary documents and evidence as follows:

  • Proof of legitimacy of the business – The employer should provide evidence that the business establishment is legal. 
  • Efforts to recruit local candidates – The employer should convince the ESDC about the past efforts to recruit local candidates. The evidence can be recruitment ads and other media publicity. 
  • Plan to reduce the need to hire TFWs – The employer should have plans to minimize the dependence on temporary workers from abroad. 
  • Workplace standards – The employer has to provide all workplace safety measures and benefits to foreign nationals at par with local workers. 
  • Wages for TFWs – Temporary Foreign Workers must receive equal wages as their Canadian counterparts. The LMIA applications should provide detailed information regarding the wages to foreign workers. 

Hiring employees under LMIA 

The employer can hire Temporary Foreign Workers on approval of the positive LMIA. The employer should immediately notify the foreign worker about the LMIA approval. The validity period of the LMIA document is only six months. There should be sufficient time for the worker to apply for a work permit. The following requirements can receive LMIA approval faster than the normal period:

  • Express entry 
  • Skilled traders
  • Short term job positions
  • Positions of the highest wages in a province or territory 

The process of hiring foreign workers under LMIA varies for high-wage workers and low-wage workers. The high-wage workers receive more than the median wage. The employer must meet additional eligibility criteria to hire low-wage workers.

LMIA work permits

Canadian employers can hire international talent through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. The applicants for these programs are entitled to safe employment in Canada with all privileges that are available for citizens and permanent residents in Canada. The following streams are available for candidates who are considering work opportunities in Canada:

  • Global Talent Stream
  • Foreign Agricultural Workers
  • Low Wage Workers
  • High Wage Workers
  • Foreign Academics

The most crucial requirement of these programs is the positive Labor Market Impact Assessment.

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