Montreal Features among Top 10 Global Destinations for Newcomers

Montreal Features among Top 10 Global Destinations for Newcomers

A recent report of the Global Expat Index based on eleven parameters confirmed Montreal’s popularity as the go-to city for newcomers. The Canadian city of Montreal in Quebec province ranked 10th, while Ottawa occupied a 23rd place among the most popular global cities for immigrants. 

Many aspiring immigrants prefer Montreal because of its lower cost of living, rich cultural background, several employment opportunities, and the universal healthcare system. 

Immigrants love the rich French heritage of Montreal city. The high job availability encourages many job-seekers willing to migrate to Canada for a better career and future. A recent survey confirms that immigration will be the primary driver to address the ongoing labor shortage in Canada.

Quebec immigration

The Quebec immigration process is distinct from most Canadian provinces, as the province operates an exclusive program. Quebec chooses immigrants and recommends them to the federal government of Canada to consider the selected candidates for permanent residence. The ideal approach is to choose the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) to study or work in Quebec.

PEQ is also helpful for students in Quebec who wish to become permanent residents. 

One can opt for a Working Holiday visa to work in Quebec. It qualifies the immigrant to apply for the Quebec Experience Program as a worker in Quebec. You can become a permanent resident in Quebec by gaining a minimum of 12 months of full-time working experience.

Quebec operates Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QRSWP) to welcome applicants with skilled work experience. Apply online for submission of EOI (Expression of Interest) to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply). The invitation will qualify you for a Quebec Selection Certificate to proceed with permanent residence application.

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