New Brunswick

New Brunswick

The New Brunswick province is located on the country’s East Coast on the Atlantic Ocean. It offers a number of unique Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) designed to attract foreign workers and retain them in their jobs so that they can make a valuable contribution to the economy of the province and become a part of the community.

New Brunswick operates many immigration streams. These include:

  • New Brunswick Express Entry Labor Market Stream
  • New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream
  • New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream

The New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Family Support was another program operated by the province but is now no longer in use.

New Brunswick Express Entry Labor Market Stream

The New Brunswick Express Entry Labor Market Stream (EELMS) offers a permanent residence for highly skilled individuals. The EELMS is aligned with the Express Entry immigration system. Successful applicants benefit from the expedited processing of their applications.

The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

This stream is aimed at experienced business owners and managers keen to invest in and manage a new or existing New Brunswick business. Eligible applicants must demonstrate a significant net worth and are willing to use their experience and acumen to start a new business or purchase an existing business in New Brunswick.

Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

The New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream targets recent graduates of New Brunswick universities and colleges who have started or bought a New Brunswick business and operated it for at least one year. If an applicant meets these requirements and intends to settle in New Brunswick permanently, they may qualify for a provincial nomination through this stream.

Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream

The New Brunswick Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream is a program that aims to attract foreign workers with unique skills and with a valid job offer from a local organization.

Apart from these, there is another important immigration program operated by the province.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) is an economic growth initiative offered by the New Brunswick province. It was developed in partnership between the federal government and Canada’s Atlantic Provinces. AIPP helps ease the long-drawn process of immigration for newcomers having a job offer from an employer in the Atlantic region.

The province of New Brunswick goes out of its way to attract skilled workers to the province to fill the gap in the labor market for specific positions. They hold events overseas on a regular basis for foreign nationals planning to immigrate to Canada. The schedule of such information sessions and job events is shared on the province’s relevant website. Those who qualify through these sessions can immigrate to Canada through the New Brunswick PNP or Immigration Pilot Program.

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