Obligations While Sponsoring Your Spouse For Canadian Immigration

Obligations While Sponsoring Your Spouse For Canadian Immigration

Obligations While Sponsoring Your Spouse For Canadian Immigration-Sunny Spire-Immigrations Solutions

When you decide that you’re going to sponsor your spouse to be a permanent resident of Canada, it means that you’re taking responsibility for their financial needs and helping them integrate into Canadian society.

When can you be a sponsor?

You can only be a sponsor if you’re 18 years old and a Canadian citizen. You also shouldn’t be receiving any financial aid from the government except for disability. You need to provide documentation that you’re fully capable of supporting your basic needs and that of your partner.

What are the basic needs?

When you apply for sponsorship, you need to provide an undertaking to assure that you’ll take responsibility for your spouse’s stay, food, clothes, and medical needs that are not included in the public healthcare services. If the spouse receives any financial help from the government while under your care, then you need to refund the money to the government as a sponsor.

The validity of the undertaking

The undertaking and the sponsorship will be valid for three years from the day the spouse becomes a permanent resident of Canada. If either of you moves to another province or country or is divorced and separated, then the undertaking will be in effect. You can’t cancel the sponsorship even if you face financial hurdles.

When can you cancel the undertaking?

The acceptance and cancellation of the undertaking will be under the control of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. If you want to cancel the sponsorship, then you need to submit a request to IRCC before they process the sponsorship.


Canada is opening many doors for everyone to be a part of its growing economy. Not only you, but now even your family can settle down in Canada quickly without any hassle. If you feel Canada is the place for you to be, get in touch with SunnySpire Immigration to make it happen!


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