Ontario Takes a Lead in Advocating Canada’s Strategy of Prioritizing Skilled Trades Occupations

Ontario Takes a Lead in Advocating Canada’s Strategy of Prioritizing Skilled Trades Occupations

Canada’s ever-evolving immigration strategies reflect its priorities to boost its economy, labor market, and demography. The focus of Canada’s immigration policy will involve promoting diversity, economic growth, and immigration of skilled labor. Ontario is leading in supporting Canada’s focus on Skilled Trades occupation.

Skilled Trades immigration takes center stage

The record skilled labor shortage is the most crucial reason to strategize skilled immigration by Canada’s immigration policymakers. Immigrant skilled trade workers have the potential to address acute labor shortages, boost diversity, and promote Canada’s economy. 

The new immigration strategy will benefit highly skilled professionals in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and healthcare sectors. The latest policy decision to target the STEM sector underlines Canada’s growing focus on attracting skilled workers from overseas.

Prolonged neglect of the skilled trades sector is the principal cause of acute shortages of skilled tradespersons in Canada. The recent announcement by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to conduct category-specific Express Entry draws to select candidates from the STEM sector is a step toward meeting skilled labor shortages.

Provincial immigration is Canada’s most significant resource to cascade economy and labor market benefits of immigration. Most Canadian provinces strive to implement federal immigration policies while creating provincial immigration programs. 

Ontario promotes skilled trade immigration 

The proactive approach of supporting Canada’s immigration focus on skilled trade occupation is visible in Ontario’s immigration strategy. Among all Canadian provinces, Ontario has the distinction of welcoming the highest number of new permanent residents. New immigrants, including temporary foreign workers, prefer living in Ontario because of the province’s vibrant culture, supportive infrastructure, and booming industrial sector.

Ontario advocates Canada’s policy of boosting skilled trades immigration by tailoring the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program to attract new immigrants with relevant skills and work experience in targeted trades occupations. Eligible candidates can leverage appropriate OINP streams to boost their chances of becoming permanent residents and settling in Ontario.

Endorsement of the Red Seal National Certification for approving the proficiency of a skilled trade worker in a designated trade occupation is a significant step by Ontario in promoting the national policy of focusing on skilled trade occupations. There is a noticeable spike in demand for skilled trades workers as the province promotes investment in diverse projects, comprising energy, housing, and transportation to ensure infrastructural development.  

Advantages of being a Temporary Foreign Worker

A proven experience in designated skilled trades occupations can benefit Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada, enabling them to become Canadian permanent residents. Ontario’s focus on the immigration of skilled trades workers through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) facilitates a smooth transition of Temporary Foreign Workers to permanent residency.

Temporary Foreign Workers have better opportunities to integrate into local communities by developing helpful connections. Aspiring immigrants must gain Canadian work experience in various in-demand skills as temporary foreign workers. It will ensure better job security besides qualifying them to settle in Canada as permanent residents. The Canadian experience during the Temporary Foreign Worker status is crucial to facilitate their immigration journey.

The takeaway

Experience in skilled trade occupations is a valuable qualification for successful immigration. The ever-changing immigration landscape of Canada is opening new avenues for aspiring immigrants with the right sets of skills and work experience. 

Canada appreciates the contribution of skilled labor to the growth of its labor market and economy. Ontario is actively implementing the national immigration policy of welcoming skilled immigrants to address labor shortages across diverse industrial sectors.   


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