Open Work Permits

Open Work Permits

An opportunity to work in Canada can open doors to gratifying work experience and exciting life for you and your family. Canadian work experience can boost your professional career. Employer-specific work permits and open work permits are the two main work permit types. The employer-specific work permits restrict workers to a particular employer and a specific location. However, you are free to choose your occupation and employer with an open work permit. Get in touch with an authorized immigration consultant to explore your options of securing a Canadian Open Work Permit.


Obtaining a work permit offers you an opportunity to legally work in Canada by securing all available benefits for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. An open work permit grants you a choice of working for any employer across Canada. Holders of the open work permit must comply with restrictions and conditions of the specific work permit. They cannot work for ineligible employers who fail to comply with the IRCC guidelines. Common open work permits options are as follows:

  • Post Graduation Work Permits
  • International Experience Canada
  • Inland Spousal or Common-law Sponsorship
  • Open Work Permit for Essential Workers and International Graduates

Applicants of Open Work Permits need to pay an additional Open Work Permit holder fee along with the fee for work permit application.

Open Work Permit Eligibility Requirements 

The following individuals may be eligible to obtain an Open Work Permit:

  • International students who complete graduation from a Designated Learning Institute 
  • Spouse or Common-law Partner of temporary foreign workers
  • Spouse or Common-law partner of international student
  • Participants of International Experience Class
  • Protected persons, refugee claimants, and refugees
  • Applicants of permanent residency through inland spousal sponsorship 

Besides, the applicant of an Open Work Permit must meet the requirement of a specific stream of work permit as per prevailing criteria.

Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

The Post Graduation Work Program is a popular and faster option to achieve permanent residency in Canada. Students can obtain an Open Work Permit after their graduation. It allows them to work for any employer as a part-time or full-time worker.

International Experience Canada

The International Experience Canada includes various programs for youth from participating countries. Young individuals can temporarily live and work in Canada for a maximum of one year. The approval process of the IEC program follows a draw system as per the quota allotment for individual countries. The applicants receive work authorization through Working Holiday, Young Professionals, and International Co-op Internship.

Inland Spousal or Common-law Sponsorship

Sponsorship for permanent residency by a common-law partner or spouse entitles the individual to obtain an Open Work Permit. The applicant must apply for an Open Work Permit within Canada by fulfilling all necessary conditions. You can work for any employer in Canada after obtaining the Open Work Permit while waiting for the approval of their permanent residency. Working without a valid work permit can impact the chances of permanent residency.

Open Work Permit for Essential Workers and International Graduates

The IRCC offers applicants of Essential Workers and International Graduate Permanent Residency Programs an opportunity to work by securing an Open Work Permit. The EWIG program is a new pathway to permanent residency that enables individual applicants to this program to maintain their status while waiting for permanent residency approval.

International workers can enjoy the freedom of choosing their employer by obtaining the popular Open Work Permits. What’s more, one can move to any location of choice to seek work opportunities with an Open Work Permit. 

SunnySpire can help you apply for a suitable Open Work Permit to improve your eligibility to become a Canadian permanent resident. We understand the individual needs of each aspiring immigrant and design a suitable strategy. Call us today to create your custom immigration plan.  

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