Options To Immigrate To Canada You Can Explore As An Indian

Options To Immigrate To Canada You Can Explore As An Indian

Options To Immigrate To Canada You Can Explore As An Indian-Sunnyspire Immigration Canada

As an Indian, you have many options to immigrate to Canada. According to the new immigration plan of the Canadian government, by 2024, nearly 1 million new permanent residents are expected to settle there.

PNP – Provincial Nominee Program.

In the Provincial Nominee Program, the Canadian provinces select a particular number of immigrants yearly. Once the applicants are found to be productive and contribute to developing the labor market and economy, they are nominated.

If you are an Express Entry applicant, you’ll be invited to apply for PNP in Express Entry PNP. It adds 600 points to your CRS score.

EEP – Express Entry Program

Express Entry is the most sought pathway for immigration. There are three programs for which you can apply under EEP. The Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Programme, Federal Skills Trade Program.

Once you apply, you’ll get a CRS score. You’ll be invited to apply for permanent residence if you have high scores.

Study and Work in Canada.

With a proper study permit, you can study and work for 20 hours each week during school and full-time on vacation. Student Direct Stream provides you accelerated study permit. You can also apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit while you’re studying.

A work permit enables you to work for any employer in Canada after graduation. Especially for PGWP, where the work permit validity is the same as a study permit.


Thus, it is evident that there are multiple ways for an Indian to immigrate to Canada. For further assistance in it, get in touch with SunnySpire Immigration.


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