Perks Of Applying For A Super Visa For Parents And Grandparents

Perks Of Applying For A Super Visa For Parents And Grandparents

Perks Of Applying For A Super Visa For Parents And Grandparents-Sunny Spire-Immigrations Solutions

Foreign nationals who have become permanent residents of Canada can apply for a Super Visa to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada. This visa is valid for ten years.

So, if your parents or grandparents have a Super Visa, they can stay in Canada for two years. The option of them being permanent residents is through PGP (Parents and Grandparents Program).

Why is Super Visa better than PGP?

In the last two years, their applications and letters of interest have increased twofold. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizens Canada (IRCC) developed various solutions to process the applications. Each method proved unfair for some people, from picking applications from a lottery to a first come, first served basis. The duration of stay is also only six months, after which you have to apply again for a visa.

But with a super visa, the validity and duration of stay are greater. Your grandparents or parents don’t have to keep renewing the visa every time they leave. You have to apply again only if the validity of ten years is over.

Eligibility for a Super Visa

As an eligibility criterion for the Super Visa, you need to show proof that you have a family member who’s a permanent resident of Canada. You need to provide documentation that they can support your basic needs financially.

Purchase medical insurance and get a copy of a thorough medical checkup. You also need to provide proof of your assets and financial stability.


The super visa is a hassle-free and durable option for those who want to be near their family residing in Canada. Ring up SunnySpire Immigration to know more about the process of obtaining the visa, eligibility, and more.


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