Post-graduation Work Permit

Post-graduation Work Permit

International students can explore a variety of options after graduation. They can pursue higher education like a Postgraduate degree or Ph.D., return to their home country for career advancement, or get Canadian work experience and qualify for permanent residence in Canada.

Several immigration pathways lead to a permanent residence like federal and provincial immigration plans to help you work and settle in Canada after graduation. Consider hiring a professional immigration counselor to know about a suitable alternative, including the Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP).


The Post-graduation Work Permit allows the individual to work anywhere in Canada for any employer because it is an open work permit. There are no Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) restrictions to secure a PGWP. It opens the doors to Canadian work experience for international students with Canadian academic credentials.

The validity of the Post-graduation Work Permit ranges between eight months to three years and arms the candidate with significant work experience. One should choose a study program of longer duration to ensure a sufficiently long period of Post-graduation Work Permit. You will get a PGWP for three years if your study program’s duration is more than two years.

Applying for the Post-graduation Work Permit

The decision to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit needs careful consideration because you can only apply for the PGWP once. You can wait for the completion of all your study programs because the total duration of these programs will influence the length of your PGWP. Students can apply for the Post-graduation Work Permit within 180 days after completing the study program.

You can start working in Canada as soon as you apply for a Post-graduation Work Permit after completing your study program. Make sure that you are not out of status for over 90 days after the expiration of your study permit. Ninety days is the grace period enabling students to restore their status and apply for any change or extension.

Eligibility to apply for the PGWP

A student can apply for the Post-graduation Work Permit after completing a study program that is not less than eight months in duration. The applicant must be above 18 years and must complete a study program from any of the following:

  • A Public Post-secondary School, including a technical school, a college, or a university
  • A Private Post-secondary School complying with the norms similar to public institutes 
  • Canadian Private Schools that have authority to confer degrees as per the provincial regulations

The duration of your Post-graduation Work Permit corresponds with the study program’s length. The following will help you understand the criteria of PGWP’s duration:

  • Study program with less than eight months duration – No eligibility to apply for the PGWP
  • Study program more than eight months but not more than two years – Validity of PGWP will be equal to the length of the study program.
  • Study program more than two years – The PGWP will be for three years’ duration
  • Multiple study programs – PGWP validity will correspond to the total period of all study programs up to a maximum of three years.

Application for PGWP

You will require an official transcript of the study program’s final results to apply for the Post-graduation Work Permit. It should also accompany a confirmation letter from the Designated Learning Institution to demonstrate successful completion of the program. The student gets six months from the date of official confirmation of the study program’s completion and the results transcript.

You may extend your stay in Canada by applying for a visitor record or consider a Post-graduation Work Permit after leaving Canada if the study permit’s validity is about to end.

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