Post – Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Post – Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The objective of Canada’s Express Entry System is to facilitate faster immigration of the aspiring candidates through economic immigration programs. The Express Entry selection process begins with creating the Express Entry profile and ends with the ITA for permanent residency.

Candidates who receive the Invitation to Apply must create and submit their permanent residency applications within two months. Preparing the application for permanent residency is a complex activity. One should consult an expert immigration professional to ensure that your application is complete in all respects.


There are three possible options available to one who receives an Invitation to Apply.

  • To accept– You will submit your complete application with all documents within sixty days. The assessment of the application by IRCC and subsequent receipt of visa for permanent residency
  • To decline – The profile re-enters the Express Entry pool to qualify for ITA in future draws.
  • To let it expire – The applicant can let the ITA lapse to apply again in the future by submitting the profile.

Accepting an Invitation to Apply

The Invitation to Apply is the most sought-after document by candidates submitting their profiles to the Express Entry pool. Invitation to Apply indicates that you are only a few months away from becoming a Canadian permanent resident. It also means that you need to begin collecting and organizing necessary documents to submit an Application for Permanent Residency.

You only get 60 days for the final submission of your eAPR (electronic Application for Permanent Residence) to the online portal of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Digital copies of all documents must accompany the online submission of the application.

It takes approximately six months after submission of eAPR to receive a visa for traveling to Canada. The next step is to adopt PR requirements and acquire eligibility for Canadian Citizenship after receiving your official documents for permanent residence at the Canadian Port of Entry.

Documentation to support an eAPR application

The documentation is a crucial part of applying for permanent residency. You need to provide only a few documents while creating your Express Entry profile, such as:

  • Proof of educational credentials
  • Proof of language ability

There are several documents and pieces of evidence you will need to support your Permanent Residency application. The long list of documents can vary as per your immigration pathway, citizenship, work experience, and educational credentials. You will have to submit certified transcripts in languages other than English or French. These are the vital documents to support your PR application:

  • Documents to establish civil status and identity – These include your passport’ biographical data, birth certificates, and documents to demonstrate marital status if applicable
  • Photos – Every principal applicant and accompanying family member must submit two copies of digital photos 
  • Tests for language proficiency – Although IRCC can directly access the results, you should submit the most recent language test results. It will expedite the processing of the permanent residency.
  • Documents of work experience – Your work experience in Canada or abroad need documentary evidence if you have stated the same in the express entry profile. The evidence can be in the form of a letter from past employers, pay stubs, employment contracts, and other relevant documents if you have Canadian work experience.
  • Provincial nomination – Submit a digital copy of the provincial nomination if you have mentioned it in the profile. 
  • Documents of education – You must submit copies of certificates, degrees, and diplomas, as copies of original documents or their transcripts 
  • Proof of finances – You must have adequate financial support to live in Canada as a permanent resident (known as settlement fees in the immigration parlance). The minimum threshold of funds depends upon the size of your family. 
  • Health-related documents – You must provide the latest copy of the medical examination.
  • Latest police clearance certificate – No police certificate is valid after 12 months from the date of issuance. Submit the recent police clearance certificate. You must apply for one as soon as you receive the Invitation to Apply.

Submission of documents is crucial to obtain permanent residency after receiving an Invitation to Apply. A piece of wrong information amounts to misrepresentation and a subsequent ban of five years.

We can help you gather necessary documents and create a proper application. Call us to experience our dependable and time-bound services.  

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