Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SunnySpire is in the business of providing immigration services and consultancy in various streams of immigration to Canada. This is a privately-owned company comprising all our administrators, legal heirs, successors, and representatives.

We offer all our readers this Private Policy that contains all the information they need to know about using our official website and its implications.

This PRIVACY POLICY has data and information about our business website. To make it convenient for you to have uninterrupted access to our services, we may have to collect some information. We also further state that we may have to disclose some or all of this information in some situations. This privacy policy will give you a clear insight into our method to collect and disclose information. We also offer you clear choices about how you want your information to be collected and used.

Explanation of Definitions 

From this point onward, when we mention we/us/ours in this Privacy Policy, it refers to the writers of this document. Those who use this website shall hereafter be referred to as the user or You/Your/Yourself. When we say ‘personal information’ in this Privacy Policy, it refers to the information we may collect from you. The mention of ‘third parties’ in this document refers to an individual, company, or website. A third party is different from the maker, the website, or its user.

What Information Do We Collect

We take all the steps necessary to protect your online privacy. We respect that your personal information must be private and what you share with us must remain protected. We collect the following information so that you can use our website smoothly.

Personal Data:  Name, Designation, Mobile Number, Email Address, Home Address, any other information required so that you can use our services.

We also track your device’s IP address when you use our website or browse the internet.

External Links

Our website may have external links in the form of third-party ads or hyperlinks that can lead you to other websites. We must state that we don’t have any control over the content appearing

You agree to keep us indemnified from any legal consequences for collecting and disclosing your personal information through such external resources. We also state that we don’t sanction, support, or endorse content from such third-party websites and resources.

You also agree to keep us protected from any liability for any loss or damage caused to you because of the collection or disclosure of personal information by these third-party websites and because of the trust you have in the products and advertisements offered on these sites.

Most or all of the external websites have their independent privacy policies specifying the information collection, usage, and disclosure procedures. You may also be subject to the same guidelines. You are advised to visit the privacy policy pages of these websites and review them so that you are aware of how they deal with your private information.

How We Use Your Information

When you register with us on our website, you implicitly agree to allow us to use the information shared with us. We may use the information to contact you if needed according to the terms of service we have created for such communication. We also want to inform you that we may store the personal information collected from you as a part of our internal record. We may also use your tracking information (IP addresses, ID of devices) to get more information about your demographics.

If we enter into any partnership/acquisition/merger arrangement with another company, we shall be obliged by law to transfer your personal information to the new business entity thus formed. We will keep you informed about such developments via email as and when it happens. We will also display the development notification very prominently on our website before sharing your personal information.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies and other similar data collection devices are placed on specific pages of our website. We try to provide customized services to our customers through these small files that are present on your hard drive. They are important to us as it helps us access specific data related to your areas of interest. We also use them to classify registered/logged-in users.

You must note that some third-party vendors may use our cookies to post ads based on your use of this website. You have the choice of using these third-party websites or not using these cookies used for specific types of advertising if such an option is available to you.


We know that your data is private and confidential. That’s why we will ensure this data is not shared with any third party. Of course, we will only share this data with the concerned authorities if it is legally binding on us to do so. We will also make sure that your personal information is not shared with any agencies that are into marketing or an organization that has a reputation for making unsolicited communications.

Disclosure of Information

We cannot fully assure you that your personal information will not be disclosed in any way other than the methods stated in this Privacy Policy because of the current regulatory situation. We will always adhere to

The existing regulatory situation does not make it possible for us to ensure that your personal information will not be disclosed in any way other than the ones we have mentioned in this Privacy Policy. We always adhere to industry-standard procedures and methods to keep your privacy protected. However, we cannot assure you that your personal information will stay confidential at all times.

External Service Providers

Your use of our website is supported by a number of external service providers. These are optional services, but you can use them. While using these optional services, if you have to disclose personal information to these external service providers, then the privacy policy of these optional services will direct the use of your private information.

Other Corporate Entities

Your personal information and other data may be shared on our main website and subsidiaries. They are also committed to providing for your needs when you visit our website. Your personal information will be treated the same way as we treat information accessed from others. In there is a merger or acquisition of our subsidiary with other businesses, it is very likely that we would share your information in whole or parts with the new entity with the purpose of ensuring continuity in our services. If and when such a situation occurs, we will inform you of the developments.

Law and Order

We are a law-abiding firm and ensure that we follow all the legal obligations mandatory for our website and business operations. As a part of this, we are committed to cooperating with the law enforcement agencies entrusted with legal aspects such as frauds and Intellectual Property (IP) Rights. If needed, upon your authorization and with your knowledge, we may disclose your personal information to these law enforcement agencies/government officials. We will do so if we believe that such actions are needed to help the law agencies investigate and resolve instances of IP misuse, fraud, and any other activity that are not legal and may cause risk to our business through any legal liability.

It is possible that the information you post may be publicly visible on our website. When you post such information, it is understood that you have given your consent for sharing such information with third parties.

Changing/Reviewing Your Profile

You may change your profile or review it. However, your username will remain the same at all times. You can change the information on our website if you need to do so. You can inform us about such changes via email. You can also ask us to edit/correct any information that might be incorrect or incomplete, or you wish to get it removed from your profile for any reason/s.

You are allowed to change or review your profile submitted at the time of registration. However, your username will always remain the same. We provide you with the option of changing the information on our website. You can also email us to inform us about such changes. We shall also correct any information that you find incorrect or incomplete or you want to remove from your profile.

Security Aspects

We always consider your information and data an invaluable asset that must receive the highest protection from misuse or unauthorized use. We use a variety of techniques to make sure that your data is protected. We stick to the processed and methods used by the industry to protect your personal information on our website. However, you will agree that some types of breaches in security are not within our control and may not be secured using standard security procedures. That’s why you must note that the information you share with us is done at your sole risk and discretion.


You shall agree to keep us indemnified from any suit or dispute with any third party. Such disputes may arise from sharing personal information with any third party through our website. We will not be liable for any action by third parties arising from the use of your personal information.


Please note that every point, paragraph, and feature of this Privacy Policy will operate independently of other sections and topics. If one or more paragraphs of this policy are declared null and void for some reason, it will not affect the validity of other paragraphs of the Privacy Policy.


Our Privacy Policy is subject to change with the changing situations and circumstances. Any changes to the Privacy Policy and its clauses will be notified to you via email or through the homepage of our website.