Renew, Change, or Extend

Renew, Change, or Extend

Nobody will like to face the prospect of deportation and other complications for staying out of status in Canada after the expiry of the Study Permit. You can apply for a Study Permit Extension if you are staying in Canada and desire to extend your stay. You should request a change in the current status or renewal of the existing status, before the expiration of the Study Permit. You will not be able to submit an extension of your Study Permit after the present permit expires. Reputed immigration consultants can guide you if you plan to extend your stay in Canada.


You must apply for a change in status before the end of the study permit period. Failure to apply for renewal or change in status, before the expiry of the study permit disqualifies you from extending your stay. Besides, you must comply with all conditions of the study permit like minimum weekly working hours, duration of the study program, and so forth.

The term implied status refers to the person who applies to change or renewal before the expiration of the current status. The individual will continue to be a temporary resident till the final approval of the extension. The individual must preserve the proof of application for extension throughout this period.

Applicants who wish to extend their study permit can continue living in Canada, waiting for the final decision. However, this facility is not available for the applicants of permanent residents as they will have to leave Canada and wait for the final decision. There is no need to change the study permit while switching the study program or the college. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada allow you to continue studying in Canada for the entire duration of your study permit.

Extending a Study Permit

You can apply for an extension of your study permit if your passport is valid through the entire period of your study permit. You must apply for an extension of the study permit before the expiry of your passport. The application procedure for the extension of the study permit is simple. You must be complying with all restrictions of the study permit and timelines.

You may have to extend your study permit if it expires before the study program. You will use an online medium to apply for the study permit extension unless you have any disability. The following steps explain the application process in short:

  • Be ready with soft copies of vital documents 
  • Keep your debit or credit card handy
  • Know all the instructions by reading the instruction guide
  • Use the online tool to furnish all information 
  • Pay the necessary fees at the end of the application 

You may travel outside Canada during the validity period of your study permit or the period of extension. However, you must have a valid study permit when you return. You will have to enter Canada on a visitor visa if your application for the study permit extension is under process.

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