Saskatchewan ranks among the most rapidly growing economies and populations in Canada. The impressive progress has been achieved thanks largely to the arrival of immigrants from around the world.

Saskatchewan is one of the Prairie Provinces of Western Canada. Its economy is driven primarily by agriculture and vital natural resources industries such as fishing and forestry. Saskatoon and Regina are two of the most popular cities in the province.

Saskatchewan ranks among those provinces that have been very successful with immigration. It has just over a million population, but it has welcomed around 15,000 immigrants recently.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most preferred destinations for newcomers.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is the PNP program of the province. It offers a series of immigration pathways to help foreign workers become permanent residents of Canada. The PNP aims to attract immigrants in the areas which can benefit the province. These include skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and workers in sectors facing labor shortages. The province operates many immigration streams. They are divided into three categories:

  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker
  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

Saskatchewan International, Skilled Worker program includes three immigration streams. It aims to target skilled workers with the ability to join the workforce of the province and adapt to its lifestyle. Some streams are targeted at workers with experience in sectors that experience from labor shortages. Other streams target workers with employment offers from local employers. The streams under this platform are:

  • Saskatchewan Express Entry
  • Saskatchewan Employment Offer
  • Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation

Saskatchewan Experience

Saskatchewan Experience program includes five immigration streams. They target foreign workers with employment experience in Saskatchewan. Workers using this platform to immigrate to Canada must have an offer of employment from an employer based in the province. They must also express their intent to continue working in the province. Some streams target workers with specific work experience in certain sectors that face labor shortages in the province. The streams available to workers are:

  • Saskatchewan Existing Work Permit
  • Saskatchewan Health Professionals
  • Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project
  • Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project
  • Saskatchewan Students

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Program offer a collection of two immigration streams. They are designed for individuals with experience in business management and looking to launch a new business enterprise in the province. The entrepreneurial stream is ideal for entrepreneurs with business proposals in various business sectors. The farm owner and operator stream is best suited for entrepreneurs with expertise in the farming business. The streams available in this program are

  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur
  • Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators

According to many immigration experts, the Saskatchewan PNP is viewed as being easy. However, the level of easiness may depend on many factors and situations. If you are a skilled worker living outside Canada, meet specific conditions, or have a valid work permit for living in the province, your path to Canadian immigration may become easy. If you want to start a business in Saskatchewan (maybe a farm business), it can help you boost the chances of becoming a successful immigrant.

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