Self Employment Program

Self Employment Program

The self-employment program is designed for foreign entrepreneurs with the ability to create their own employment by making contributions to the country’s job market either athletically, culturally, or artistically. You must be financially stable and have relevant work experience to apply for the Self-employment Program. While there is no minimum net worth/ investment commitment required for this program, you must demonstrate strong financial stability for settling in Canada along with your dependents and to fund your venture.


You must have at least two years of relevant experience to qualify as a self-employed person. You must also demonstrate your intent to become self-employed in Canada. You must also have a score of at least 35 points on the selection grid. It is designed to determine if you have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the country’s economy. You must also pass a medical examination and security checks and show that you have no criminal record against you.

You are awarded points on various criteria. These include 25 points for education, 35 points for experience, 10 points for age, 24 points for language proficiencies, and 6 points for adaptability. You must score a minimum of 35 to succeed in your application, but that number is subject to change.

Candidates are selected on the basis of their scores for each category, the documents provided with their application, and how they meet the standards of a self-employed person in Canada.

How To Apply

The first step is to get the application package and pay the application fees. Complete all the documents and the details requested in the application, double-check the details, and submit the application. You must also submit your fingerprints and photo (biometrics) after you have applied.

After Submission of Application

After you have submitted the application, the authorities will verify if you have filled the forms correctly, paid all the fees, and submitted all the mandatory documents. The application will not be processed if there are any errors or if any documents are missing from the application. When they receive the completed application, they will contact you.

Advantages of the Self-Employment Program

When compared to other streams in the business immigration segment where you must mandatorily invest a specific amount of your own funds to buy or run an organization, this program does not require you to do so. You only need to provide proof of your business management experience in the industry under which you have applied for Canadian Employment immigration. You also need to provide evidence supporting your claims of being self-employed in the industry.

If you plan to migrate to Canada under the self-employment program, you must carefully follow the procedures. SunnySpire is one of the leading immigration consultants in Canada. We specialize in all types of immigration services. Contact us to know how we can help you make a successful bid for immigration to Canada under the self-employment program.

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