Simple Ways to Immigrate To Canada in 2023

Simple Ways to Immigrate To Canada in 2023

The Canadian economy influences its immigration policy to a great extent. The country is facing an acute shortage of labor for key business sectors, and that’s the reason why Canada is planning to welcome more immigrants from all over the world in 2022.

In 2020, Canada saw a record-breaking 400,000 plus immigrants getting approved for citizenship. In 2022, the country aims to achieve its ambitious goal of granting citizenship to 411,000 new immigrants. This is in the wake of reports that around 55 percent of small businesses in Canada are unable to get the skilled staff they need to run their enterprises smoothly. Most of them have to pay a higher cost to address the labor gap challenges.

Others are hiring Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) and also using automated systems to deal with labor shortages. The pandemic has made the labor shortage situation worse for Canadian business owners. With a mass exodus of labor from industries that suffered an extended lockdown period, 2022 presents many exciting opportunities for foreign workers looking to gain permanent residency in Canada.

These are the five top ways available for foreign nationals to come and seek permanent residence in Canada in 2022:

Express Entry

Express Entry is the most popular immigration program offered by Canada. It is also the fastest system for receiving permanent residence status for foreign workers. In 2022, Canada has plans to invite around 110,000 foreign labor and skilled staff to the country through the three streams of Express Entry, namely:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

Submitting your application through the Express Entry system involves submitting an online profile. The profile will be ranked based on Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Only those eligible under one of the three federal streams can apply using the Express Entry system. Invitations are issued to the top scorers to apply for permanent residence.

The Express Entry System may be the easiest way for workers to come to Canada and submit a profile. Meeting the CRS cut-off level might prove to be a challenge for some candidates. However, their mere presence in the Express Entry pool can help them earn a nomination for permanent residency by any province.

The cost of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry is typically about CAD 2,300 for a single applicant or about CAD 4,500 for a couple. Additional costs may include settlement funds that must also be shown as part of the eligibility requirement. This cost will depend on the size of the family.

Applicants receiving an Invitation to Apply must complete the full application process and make payments within 90 days.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Many provinces continued to nominate foreign workers right through the pandemic using the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and offered permanent residence to many applicants. In 2022, the country has plans to provide citizenship to over 81,000 new immigrants through the PNP. 

The country’s provinces and territories offer multiple nominee programs. Each PNP comes with its unique eligibility norms and criteria. Some may need a connection to a province to be eligible for nomination. Other programs allow provinces to invite overseas workers on the strength of their skills and ability to resolve the demands of the Canadian labor market.

The application processing time also varies with individual PNP. It will depend on whether the PNP is linked to the Express Entry System.

The cost of immigrating to Canada using the PNP route and Express Entry is the same. However, some provinces may charge an additional fee while others don’t.

Start-Up Visa Program

The Startup Visa Program offers immigrants an excellent opportunity to come to Canada and gain permanent residency. This program is designed to recruit entrepreneurs known for their innovative approach to business management. The Canadian government links such entrepreneurs to the country’s private sector, such as business incubators, venture capital funds, and angel investor groups. This helps facilitate the establishment of their start-up business in Canada. 

Applicants must have a qualifying business and produce a letter of support of a government-approved funding service. They must also comply with the language requirements and demonstrate that they have enough funds to support themselves and their dependents when they arrive in Canada. 

Business Immigration Program

For immigrants having experience owning or managing an enterprise, the Business Immigration Program offers a simple and hassle-free way to immigrate to Canada. This is a federal government program for entrepreneurs looking for self-employment opportunities in Canada. They can explore many such PNPs for starting a business in a specific Canadian province. The program entails making a significant investment in a company they plan to launch in Canada. A few PNPs offer regional entrepreneur programs that can be launched with a lower investment.


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