Starting from 2023, Canada’s Express Entry Draws will Target Occupations

Starting from 2023, Canada’s Express Entry Draws will Target Occupations

Canada is modifying its approach to selecting Express Entry candidates, beginning in 2023.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will leverage new criteria other than conventional CRS scores for inviting candidates through Express Entry. The Canadian immigration minister has the authority to focus on in-demand skills or abilities following the passing of Bill C-19 in both houses of the parliament.

Canadian immigration minister Hon. Ian Fraser proposes to improve Express Entry to address the challenges to Canada’s economy. The changes will enable Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to customize Invitations to Apply to match qualifications and in-demand skills. The proposed changes will provide a new platform to boost Canada’s economy through Express Entry draws.

Understanding the need for a change 

The main reasons for Canada’s acute labor shortage are low birth rates and a large chunk of the aging population on the verge of retirement. By 2030, over 9 million Canadians will approach retirement age, creating a large void in the job market.

Immigration is Canada’s prominent source of boosting the economy and meeting the labor market needs. The new immigration levels plan 2023-25 expects to welcome up to 500,000 new permanent residents annually. The Express Entry system will contribute admission of 110,000 permanent residents.

Targeting occupations will benefit specific sectors facing labor shortages, such as healthcare. The government introduced the Foreign Credentials Recognition Program and announced the removal of barriers for internationally trained physicians to speed up vacancy filling in the healthcare sector.

The new plan to target specific occupations will help the IRCC conduct Express Entry draws to issue invitations to candidates in targeted occupation categories, such as the healthcare sector.

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