Study Visa Overview

Study Visa Overview

Each year close to 350000 international students head to Canada to study in internationally acclaimed academic institutions. Unmatched education standards, international exposure, cultural diversity, security, and exciting outdoors are some of the reasons that encourage students to choose Canada as their top destination. You can aspire to become part of the enriching education environment in Canada by obtaining a Study Visa. An expert immigration consultant can be your trustworthy resource to begin your Canada dream.

Highlights of a study permit

A valid study permit is mandatory if the duration of your study program is going to be more than six months. A visitor’s visa will serve the purpose of the study program is shorter than six months duration. The accompanying family members like spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children can be part of your study permit application. 

Apart from your passport and other ID proofs, you will submit a letter of acceptance from one of the Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in Canada while applying for the study visa. The Letter of Acceptance from a DLI is the most crucial document to obtain a study permit. The student should apply to the Designated Learning Institution by mentioning personal details and the type of study program.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the governing body for immigrants. It mandates that the immigrant must have a clean police record and should not be a social risk to people in Canada. You will also need to be in good health as the visa officer may ask you to undergo a physical examination.

The applicant should also be able to convince the visa officer that they will leave Canada after completion of the study program and before the expiration date of the study permit. The study permit allows extra 90 days after the last date of the study program to enable the student to apply for an extension or to make preparations to leave Canada.

A faster way to get a study permit

Students from specific countries can avail of the fast-track option of Student Direct Stream to accelerate the process of study permit application. Canada allows students from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brazil, and many more countries to choose the SDS program to receive a study permit within twenty days after application.

The applicant must be legally living in the countries selected for the SDS program and have proof of paying the tuition fees for the first year of the study program. They should also procure a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) by depositing CAD 10,000 in the participating Canadian bank. This amount is available to the student in regular installments to support living and other expenses. You must have language proficiency with a minimum score of 6 6.0 in IELTS to obtain a Canadian study permit.

Receiving a Canadian study permit

You will receive the approval of the study permit in the form of the Letter of Introduction that entitles the individual to get a study permit. The student gets an actual study permit after showing the Letter of Introduction to the immigration official upon reaching Canada. Depending upon the rules, the student may receive an Electronic Travel Authorization or a Temporary Resident Visa.

Working while studying is a unique advantage of a Canadian study permit. Students need not possess a work permit to work on-campus or off-campus, weekly for 20 hours. They can also consider working full-time during long summer or winter breaks.

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