Super Visa

Super Visa

Canada Super Visa is a document for parents or grandparents to visit their children working or studying in Canada. The Super Visa allows them to stay with their children in Canada for a period of up to two years. They can stay for that period without renewing their visa status. The option is valid for ten years. However, they cannot stay for a duration of more than six months per visit.


The applicant should be the grandparent or parent of an individual who is a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. They must be legally admissible to Canada and also meet a few other conditions.

The immigration officers may take into consideration many other things before permitting a person an entry to Canada, such as the relation of the applicant with their home country, the purpose of visit to Canada, finances and family background, and others.

The applicant is also expected to:

  • Obtain a written statement from their child/grandchild that they will support the applicant financially
  • Prove that that child/ grandchild in Canada meets the minimum income requirement.
  • They must have valid medical insurance of Canada with at least one year of coverage
  • Must submit to an immigration health/medical test

How To Apply?

An applicant for a Super Visa must provide their photograph/fingerprints. The application process is allowed on paper as well as online.

Regardless of how the application is made, it is important that all the documents must be provided to complete the application. Applicants may qualify for a multiple-entry visa with a ten-year validity period depending on many factors.

Making the Application Online

  • Keep scanned copies of all the listed documents ready for uploading
  • Use a valid credit card to make the payment

Making the Application on Paper

The paper process entails filling the forms offline and manually. You must pay the fee in Canadian dollars. These are the steps involved:

Download the application package from the Canadian government website and understand the guidelines carefully

With the completed form, you must also provide

  • Proof that you are the parent/grandparent of the person you want to visit and stay with while in Canada using a birth certificate or any official document that establishes the fact
  • Submit the invitation letter from the grandchild or child along with details of the number of people staying with them in their Canadian household
  • A proof from the grandchild or child which shows they meet the Low Income Cut Off or LICO.
  • Proof of medical insurance in Canada valid for a minimum of one year and providing coverage for an amount of $100,000
  • Submitting the completed set of documents and making the payment as indicated in the guidelines

You must check the email ID you have provided regularly for any emails from IRCC for updates on your application. Don’t forget to check the spam folder too.

Super Visa Processing Time

The time taken to process the visa application depends on the place from where the application is made and the visa office where it is submitted. In any case, most visa applications are processed within a few weeks of the office receiving them.

Medical Exam

An applicant must undergo a medical examination before they can enter Canada. A Canadian immigration authority will direct the aspirant with the appropriate instructions. A medical or health exam can add another few weeks to the whole processing time of the application.

The Process

Your application will be reviewed by the authorities to ensure that it is correct in all respects, and the documents needed for processing are attached. A decision on whether you should be interviewed or not will be taken based on your application. The place and time of the interview will be notified if needed.

If the application is not approved, the documents and passport are returned to you along with an explanation for the refusal.

At The Arrival

On arrival in Canada, the BSO (Border Services Officer) will attend to you and ask for the travel papers and passport. Make sure you have all the important documents ready and properly organized to be quickly presented on demand. If all the documents are approved, your passport will be stamped, ensuring a smooth passage to Canada.

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