Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all those who visit our company’s website and browse through its contents. We urge you to read the terms and conditions carefully before using our website. By visiting/using/accessing our website or indulging in any activity such as browsing or contributing content of any type and in any form implies that you agree to these terms and conditions and will abide by them in totality.

Intellectual Property

Our website and all its content, features, and functionality shall remain the exclusive ownership of our company. The website and its content will remain protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret act, and proprietary laws.

Links to External Sites

Our website may carry links to some third-party sites. We have no control over the content on these sites as they have different ownership. We will not assume any responsibility for the content posted on these sites or for the policies pursued by these third-party sites and services. Please make sure you read the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of these sites that you may probably access and use through our website.

No Access or Termination

We may prevent you from accessing our website without offering any notice, reason, or cause. This may result in the termination of all association with you and the destruction of all information we hold related to your profile. The provisions stated in this terms and conditions document shall continue and survive termination without limitation or limitation of liability, disclaimers of warranty, and similar situations.

Governing Law

This document, when read along with the rules, policies, and guidelines mentioned in the terms and conditions, and those which may be added in the future, shall be managed and interpreted as per the laws stated while taking care that there are no conflicts of law.

Copyright and Trademarks

All the content and materials posted on our website, including images, videos, audio clips, and other forms of content, are copyright protected. They are also protected by Intellectual Property rights owned and controlled by SunnySpire. Any visitor or reader copying, modifying, distributing, or republishing the content posted on our website may be liable for legal action, criminal sanction, or both.


You are responsible for using our website, and we will not be responsible or liable for the consequences arising from the same. You may visit our website and use the content at your own risk. Our website is available and accessible to all on an as-is as available basis.

All implied and expressed claims and warranties are hereby disclaimed as permitted by law. Under any circumstances, we will not be liable to users of our website if they suffer any loss or damage arising from the use of our website or its content.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend, modify, or change these terms of service at our sole discretion. The same rules apply to posting any updated terms on our website. When you continue using our website, it implies your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Terms of Service

We request you to visit the terms and conditions at regular intervals to keep yourself updated with the changed terms and conditions as they may keep changing from time to time. If you do not agree with these changes, you must not continue visiting the website or accessing its content.