Top 5 Options to Migrate to Canada in 2023

Top 5 Options to Migrate to Canada in 2023

Aspiring immigrants dreaming of migrating to Canada as permanent residents can explore over a hundred immigration options according to their eligibility. Canada aims to welcome over 1.3 million newcomers from 2023 to 2025. Most newcomers to Canada dream of becoming permanent residents to work and settle in Canada while enjoying access to social services and a universal healthcare system. Navigating Canada’s complex immigration system can be overwhelming unless you have strong support of an established immigration consultant. Here are the top five options to migrate to Canada in 2023.

Study in Canada to get Permanent Residence status

Most international students in Canada benefit from study pathways to permanent residence to settle in Canada. Besides several options to work during study programs, Canada encourages foreign students to work and live in Canada to contribute to the nation’s economic development. Canadian education and work experience are valuable qualifications to boost chances of Express Entry selection.

International students can apply for Post Graduate Work Permit the enrich their Canadian work experience and apply for the Canadian Experience Class program through Express Entry. The Post Graduate Work Permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada.  

Express Entry – the fastest and most sought-after program

As the name implies, Express Entry fast-tracks the immigration process and enables prospective eligible immigrants to become Canadian permanent residents within six months. Express Entry is Canada’s application management system to speed up skilled worker immigration. It comprises the three most popular immigration streams:

Eligible applicants submit their online profile to enter the Express Entry pool and receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score according to their eligibility for a particular immigration program. The competitive selection process involves periodic draws to select and invite top-ranking candidates to apply for permanent residence. Your profile will remain in the Express Entry pool for one year, allowing you to improve your CRS scores to become more competitive.

Provincial Immigration to settle in your favorite province

Provincial Nominee Program is the go-to option if you intend to settle in a particular province of Canada. Canada’s provincial immigration target is to welcome 117,500 new immigrants by 2025. All thirteen Canadian provinces and territories design and operate their own Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) to attract students, skilled workers, and entrepreneurs. Provincial immigration pathways help provinces develop their economy and job market by attracting new immigrants.

Each PNP aims to address the specific needs of the province and has unique eligibility requirements. Applicants submit an Expression of Interest to receive a nomination through regular PNP draws. The provincial nomination enables them to apply for permanent residency. It also helps improve the Express Entry CRS score by 600 points. Provinces operate base PNP streams for routine nominations and enhanced streams to select candidates from the Express Entry pool.

Family Sponsorship programs

You can immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident if you have a close relative in Canada having a permanent resident of citizenship status. Canada encourages permanent residents and citizens to bring their parents, grandparents, spouses, and dependent children to live with them in Canada as permanent residents through family sponsorship programs. Canada aims to welcome over 105,000 new permanent residents by providing family sponsorship pathways.

Business Immigration Programs

Canada operates several business immigration programs at federal and provincial levels to attract start-up entrepreneurs, established business owners, and self-employed professionals to boost the local job market and economy. Business immigration programs help entrepreneurs with a successful background of managing a business enterprise immigrate to Canada as permanent residents and set up a business. Aspiring entrepreneurs should be ready to invest in the business according to the type of business immigration program. Most provincial nominee programs operate separate provincial business immigration streams.  


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