Visitor Visa Refusals

Visitor Visa Refusals

Visitor Visas enable people to come to Canada on a short visit. The common objectives of such visits may be visiting families and friends, tourism, business deals, trade fairs, and conferences. We see a rising trend of Visitor Visa refusals.

 It is despite a uniform assessment of applications. The criteria for admissibility are the same for all. Some refusals may relate to the volatile situation in the applicant’s home country.

Failure to convince the visa officer about the true intention to leave Canada after the visa expiry is a common reason for refusal. Showing the return journey plan by presenting the tickets may convince the visa officer that the applicant will not stay out of status in Canada. Any expert immigration counselor can guide you in preparing an application to minimize the chances of Visitor Visa refusal.


The application for a Visitor Visa is complex and tedious. The applicant must furnish several details about them and their family. Each point in the application must be provable with pieces of evidence and documents. The entire onus of proving your eligibility is on documentation since the visa application process does not involve any personal interview. The only way is to prepare a flawless application, complete in all respects. It must have all supportive shreds of evidence, genuine certificates, and transcripts to convince the visa officials.

The screening of an application for a Temporary Visa is a thorough and meticulous process compared with Electronic Travel Authorization. It may take weeks for the assessment of a Visitor Visa. The refusal rates of Temporary Resident Visas are significantly high. Most refusals are because the applicant does not seek expert help to apply. Lack of preparation, missing documents, and mistakes in filling out the applications are some avoidable causes of visa refusals.

Reasons for Visitor Visa refusals

The following are some common reasons for refusal of Temporary Resident Visa:

  • TRV applicant has family ties in Canada – Interestingly, it is a disqualification to have strong ties in Canada. The application may receive rejection if there is no specific reference to a similar court judgment in the past.
  • Lacks a good purpose – The immigration officer may have doubts about the true objective of the visitor to visit Canada
  • The applicant has no travel history – There is a possibility of a Visitor Visa refusal if the applicant has no record of leaving the country to travel abroad,
  • Has no employment in the country of citizenship – The visa officials may believe that the person will not return if there is no proper employment back home.
  • No adequate assets – It is also a strong reason for refusal. The visa officer may doubt your intention of leaving Canada before the expiration of the Visa.
  • Issues with documents – There is the possibility of a lack of authenticity about the documentation. It may result in the refusal of the Visitor Visa.
  • Unable to demonstrate funds availability – The applicant may not show proof of funds that will be necessary to support living and traveling expenses for self and family.

There are several ways to deal with the refusal of a Visitor Visa. One should request for reconsideration of the application if the reason for the refusal is a lack of documentation or misrepresentation. There is also a provision to apply again by gathering documents unavailable during the earlier application. You will demonstrate additional funds to establish the proof of support by reapplying.

One needs the support of an experienced consultant to avoid rejection of your Visitor Visa application. SunnySpire provides you with a strong foothold by helping in creating an application and guiding you about documentation and other aspects of the application. Call us today because well begun is half done.

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