Work While Study

Work While Study

Being an international student in Canada has its advantages. An opportunity to enhance your work experience by working while studying is just one of these. You can work for up to 20 hours a week while pursuing a regular study program and full-time if there is a long break or vacation. Working while studying will help you support you financially while preparing you for your professional career. Experienced immigration professionals offer in-depth guidance about multiple aspects of living in Canada as a student.


International students do not require a separate work permit for working in Canada if they are studying full-time at a Designated Learning Institute in Canada. Besides, they can work on campus or for any employer in any part of Canada. On-campus work opportunities can be taking up a part-time job in the college, working at college or university facilities like a library or canteen, or being a research assistant.  

You cannot work while studying if your study program is for less than six months or a part of a student exchange program. Your study permit mentions the details of whether you are allowed to work in Canada. Having a Social Insurance Number (SIN) is one of the employment conditions. Use your study permit to get a SIN before beginning to work. The study permit includes a statement mentioning the requirement of a Social Insurance Number.

Most students feel that working while studying will help them demonstrate additional financial support while applying for a work permit. The study permit application does not allow the applicant to use these earnings to include in the proof of finance. Consider the opportunity to work to be an option to enhance your work experience and improve your networking.

Working off-campus

You will have permission to work-off campus with a valid study permit anywhere in Canada. You can accept a part-time job to work up to 20 hours a week. Working full-time is only possible during an extended vacation. Besides a Social Insurance Number, a student should meet the following eligibility criteria to work off-campus during academic sessions:

  • Having a valid study permit
  • Having a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Studying in a full-time program with a duration of over six months
  • The study program is to get a certificate, diploma, or a degree
  • Complying with the institution’s requirement 
  • Having a satisfactory academic standing

The international student will have to stop working anytime if there is a change of status or any of the above conditions.

Working on-campus

You will be able to work on-campus if you are in a public post-secondary institution, university, or college, pursuing a full-time study program. You may find work on-campus under a student organization or a college faculty member. A student may consider running a business on the college premises like a fast-food stall or a coffee shop.  

Requirements for working on-campus while studying include a valid study permit and Social Insurance Number. The student must be from a government-aided college or university for working on-campus.


You will get an opportunity to gain Canadian work experience if an internship is part of your study program’s curriculum. This type of job requires a work permit in addition to a valid study permit. The application for a work permit should include a letter from your institution mentioning the necessity of work experience for completing the study program.

You will get an opportunity to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit after finishing the study program. The work experience during off-campus or on-campus work will help you get a job with no hassles. Consult SunnySpire to explore several working opportunities while studying in Canada. We offer comprehensive immigration serves to individuals who wish to study, work, and settle in Canada. Call us today to begin your Canada journey.

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